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Products: Dinner

The Wixon Foodservice Group is fully prepared to help you prepare dinner. We’re ready with soups and salad dressings, spreads and sauces and gourmet flavored breads—both sweet and savory. Add to this, seasonings for sides, sandwiches and meats. For extra kick, consider our marinades, rubs and glazes. And these flavors and seasonings aren't just for dinner—use them all day long!
Following is just a sampling of our talents.

Following is just a sampling of our talents.

Vino Blanco & Herb Seafood Seasoning

A rich blend of wine and spices is the perfect way to enhance any seafood specialty.  Our White Wine & Herb Seafood Seasoning combines butter, minced garlic, onion, tarragon, and parsley with a dry white wine into a flavorful blend ideal for all types of fish and seafood.

Del Rio Coffee & Cocoa Steak Rub

A unique taste experience! A smooth combination of chicory and delicious cocoa seasonings that makes any steak or chicken dish unforgettable!

Jamaican Pineapple Mango Vegetable Side Dish Seasoning

This is where sweet meets savory! This dish is inspired from the kitchens of Jamaica. . . green and red bell peppers, chopped onion, delicately sliced carrots, peas and corn are combined with brown rice, luscious mango, pineapple and then shrimp is added to make the perfect blend. This is then doused with a full bodied sauce of mango flavor, sweet, red pepper, cinnamon, Allspice, garlic and onion  . . . Mmmm Good!

Almost Like Mom’s Tomato Dill Soup

This Tomato Dill Soup delivers comfort food with flair.  Warming the heart and the soul, this mix features a tomato soup base and chopped dill weed.  Add your own chopped tomatoes for a fresh, light flavor.

Citrus Ginger Teriyaki Salad Dressing

Crisp Asian tastes abound in this sweet soy sauce and ginger blend.  Hints of orange and red bell pepper make it irresistible!

Wild Rice Fruit Delight

Create that holiday feeling all year round with this classic side dish.  Wild rice with cranberries and diced apples is a tasty complement to any poultry or beef entrée.

Samurai Salad Dressing

Mouths water for this, the fieriest of all salad dressings.  Featuring spicy wasabi and chopped green onion in a creamy dressing base, fresh greens will be even zestier with this delectable blend.

Hot Hot Peri Peri Rub

Swahili for “pepper-pepper,” our spice mix infuses natural flavors and finely chopped chilies for heat!  Combined with coarse sea salt, ginger, minced garlic, and lemon peel, this blend is perfect as a rub or combined with vinegar and oil as a marinade or sauce.

Asiago Cheese Bread Twists

Cheese bread with a twist!  Asiago Cheese Bread Twist quick bread mix is imparted with the richness of Asiago and Parmesan cheeses.  Roll and shape into twists before baking.

Harvest Moon Chowder

Warm yourself to these full-bodied harvest flavors.  Featuring cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, pumpkin, corn, and chopped green onion, this savory blend is sure to be a hit.

Greek Style Side Dish Seasoning

A seasoning fit for the gods . . . Garlic, onion red and green pepper, black peppers, a dash of oregano, Feta flavored cheese and sun-dried tomatoes are blended to create a decadent seasoning or sauce. This is then combined with vegetables to create just the perfect taste!